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The Northlawn Story

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Our company mission is to pioneer a change in the Mortgage industry, including the stereotypical stigma of Mortgage Brokers and Loan Officers as a whole. This mission led to the Northlawn motto: “The Ethical Mortgage Broker With The Greener Path To Home Ownership”. To help people realize their dream of home ownership, Northlawn set out to make a difference. The company was founded in Michigan in 1999. In 2002, we expanded with the opening of the office here in Scottsdale, and an additional office is in the works for either the East or West valley.

Northlawn has quickly become quite a contributing force in the community.
As part of our mission statement, we have created an expansive presence in Fair Housing activities. Gwen Miriani, Vice President, also holds the title of Fundraising Chairman for the Affordable Housing Committee with the Southeast Valley Association of Realtors. At present, she is campaigning to raise $120,000 to build two homes for needy families in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity.

Working with other Valley companies, Northlawn has also created the “First Time Homebuyer Seminar” which we offer FREE to the community. These seminars were originally developed in order to educate new homebuyers. We include specific questions that should be asked when applying for a mortgage, as well as ‘Red Flags’ to look for. We provide a general overview of the application and closing process, which serves to take away many of the unknowns. We are hoping to promote better awareness of the pitfalls uneducated buyers often fall into.
Northlawn’s charity golf tournament, “Tee it Up Fore the Cure” is also just one more way Northlawn strives to make a positive impact. Proceeds of the event benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. The next event is scheduled to be held in the Spring of 2005.

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